Our Work

Helping companies comply with SOLAS regulations in the shipping industry

Loading a packed container onto a ship for export requires that the container has a verified weight. WeightIt built their business around solving this for companies and needed an easy to use app as part of their solution.

The Project

This project involved the design and development of a Web API as well as an iOS and Android mobile app for in-field data capture. The app provides operators the ability to quickly and accurately communicate VGM’s back to the WeightIt cloud server for later access.

The Solution

We worked with WeighIt to build a simple and effective tool that included:

  • Location and Timestamp Verification
  • Container Number Validation
  • Photo Capture

The Development

  • Mobile App Development
  • API Development
  • Systems Integration
  • UX Design

The Technology

Microsoft WebAPI logoAngular logoIonic logo
Working with a developer that you can actually understand is like a breath of fresh air. Talen understood exactly what we needed and just made it happen.

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